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EUMARA EyeTracking

The EyeTracking process helps you find out what your target group looks at in your advertising! Because only what is seen can also have an effect.

· Areas of interest: Which elements of a promotional measure attract attention and are seen at all?
· Which elements attract the gaze of the target group most intensively and persistently?
· In which order are the elements looked at, and how is the understanding of the message built from this?

Questions which EUMARA EyeTracking will answer for you:

· Which elements of my advertising are absorbed by the target group?
· Are these the "right" elements, i.e. do they convey the core message?
· In which order are the elements perceived? Does this order support the "right" understanding?
· Can I support the "right" understanding even better?

Advantages of EUMARA EyeTracking:

· Greater reproducibility of survey findings.



Simply call or mail us at +49 - (0)6 81 - 7 93 03 - 30 oder contact@eumara.com

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