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EUMARA BrandVision / Brand Image

Emotions and images can only be put into words with difficulty for most target groups. This is what we have developed the picture-assisted BrandVision tool for. BrandVision thus provides an ideal base for developing or refining a powerful brand image, e.g. for creating key visuals.

Questions which BrandVision will answer for you:

· What is a powerful brand image for my product/service/company?
· Which emotions/images will help me achieve my positioning?
· Which motif is suitable for a powerful key visual?
· Which emotions, which imagery will set me apart from my competitors?

USPs of EUMARA BrandVision:

· Non-verbal survey methods such as validated emotion boards (BrandVision picture boards),
  for example, for identifying emotions and conceptions

· Particularly suitable for "overly intellectual" target groups in the B2B business
· Particularly suitable for target groups unaccustomed or unable to put their emotions into words
  in a differentiated manner (educationally disadvantaged target groups or children and youths)

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