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This uncovers the actual current positioning of your brand. And it will show you options for improving your market position.

Questions which EUMARA®-Profiler will answer for you:

· How does the target group (or how do various target groups) rate my product in comparison with the competitors?
· How is my brand developing over time (brand tracking)?
· Do I need to respond to a change in the market, e.g. the appearance of a new competitor, or changes in the
  marketing strategy of an existing competitor? If yes, how should I respond?

· Which marketing strategy is suitable for all markets and all target groups/segments?
· Which attributes make up the essence of the brand (core brand)?

USPs of EUMARA®-Profiler:

· EUMARA®-Profiler Index (EPI): Measures the market strength. Fast identification of the market position by condensing
  the results from the individual dimensions into a single index value.

· Loyalty index: Measures the strength of the bond with the target group. Characterization and sub-segmentation of your
  customers, for instance into "unshakeable fans" through to "switchers".

· Benchmarks based on extensive data bases for fast comparison with competitors or in the comparison of various
  customer segments, or for international comparison.

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