McPilot® Multichannel Monitoring

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EUMARA McPilot® Multichannel Monitoring (MCM) / 360° Communication Monitoring / Multichannel Management

Multichannel Monitoring tells you which communication channel contributes what to your success.

The condensation of all the individual results into a single index value, the ComScore®, additionally enables a fast comparison of various mixes.

Questions which EUMARA Multichannel Monitoring will answer for you:

· What does the efficiency of the respective channel look like, measured by way of central key performance indicators (KPIs)?
· Which channel and/or channel combination contributes the most to the overall success?
· What is the ideal channel mix for the target group?
· Channel preference: Adjust the channel selection/combination to the target group's preferences.
· Channel fit: Which channel is most suitable for which message content?
· Channel efficiency: For which message/objective can the efficiency be boosted by a suitable combination of channels
   in comparison with the employment of only a single channel?

USPs of EUMARA Multichannel Monitoring / McPilot®


· Validated typing tool based on the respective information and communication requirements and channel preferences of the physicians

· Matching of information requirements/preferences and channels

Messages that cater to the type
· Presentation of information and messages to match the requirements and motivation structure of the DocType® in the channels

Style and tonality
· Balance between rationality/science and emotion as per DocType®

· Measurement and scoring tool for evaluating and controlling the cross-channel communication success (reach/impact/ROI)

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