Data Protection Statement (Privacy Policy) for Eumara

The operators of EUMARA take the protection of private data seriously. Paying particular attention to privacy in the processing of personal data is a vital concern. Personal data are used in keeping with the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act BDSG; the operators of this website undertake to maintain secrecy. These webpages may contain links to the websites of other providers not covered by this privacy policy. Please also see the General Terms of Use for further important information.

1. Personal data
Personal data are information which can be used to trace the identity. This includes information such as the real name, address, postal address, telephone number. It does not include information that cannot be directly traced to the true identity (e.g. favourite webpages or number of a site's users). Our online offering can principally also be used without disclosing the identity. If users decide to register, i.e. become a member (registered user), they will be able to store personal information in their individual user profiles. The entry of such data is a matter of free choice. Given the effort to collect as few personal data as possible for using the offering, stating a name – under which one is registered as a member and which does not need to be identical with the real name – and the e-mail address that the password is sent to will suffice for registration. The server will store data in connection with visits of our pages (for example the IP address, date, time and viewed pages). These are not used in relation to the person. We reserve the right to evaluate anonymized data records statistically.
We will only use personal data for technical webpage administration and customer management to the respectively required extent. Personal data will furthermore only be stored if provided voluntarily.

2. Disclosure of Personal Data
We only use personal data for this website. We will not disclose information to third parties without express consent. If data should be disclosed to service providers in the course of contract data processing, these providers are bound by the Federal Data Protection Act BDSG, other statutory regulations and this Privacy Policy. Personal data will only be collected for and/or disclosed to government institutions and authorities within the framework provided by mandatory legal provisions.

3. Use of Cookies
We use cookies – small configuration information files. They help us determine individual user settings and realize special user functions. We do not collect personal data by way of cookies. All the website's functions are also available without cookies, but some user-defined attributes and settings may not be.

4. Children
Persons under 18 years of age should not disclose personal data to us without the approval of their parents or legal guardians. We will not request personal data from children, nor collect them or disclose them to third parties.

5. Cancellation Rights
If you have provided us with personal data, you can always change and delete them again in the user profile. Please contact the webmaster if you want to delete the entire account. Any forum contributions, comments, date announcements and articles published up to that point in time may possibly be retained, however – please also see the General Terms of Use for more information on this.

6. Links to other Websites
Our online offering contains links to other websites. The compliance of their operators with data protection regulations is outside our sphere of influence.

7. Contributions
The contributions on our page are accessible to everyone. Before their publication, contributions should be carefully reviewed for information that is not intended for the public. Contributions may possibly be indexed by search engines and available around the world without visiting this website specifically.

8. Questions and Comments
Please e-mail the webmaster of EUMARA with any questions, suggestions and comments you may have concerning data privacy.