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EUMARA regularly performs multi-client studies about specific topics.

Our multi-client studies …
… provide direct insights to markets and target groups
… immediately / quickly available
… are cost-saving by using the multi-client effect

Simply ask us if a multi-client study is currently in planning for a topic
that is of particular interest to you.

Your consultant: Vera Schenk, 0681 - 79 30 330, v.schenk@eumara.com

Own Study Archive

  apomonitor                                        MCMonitor   

The APO Monitor is a multi-client study
that is conducted on various topics. It is an
image and positioning survey showing
how the leading competitors or competitor
products in the market are perceived by the
target group of pharmacists / pharmacy
technicians and how they compare with
each other.

APO-Monitor topics (excerpt):

- Antacids
- Inunctions / inhalations for colds
- Remedies for colds
- Throat pain remedies
- Urinary tract infections
- Remedies for coughs
- Immunostimulants for colds
- Contraception
- Proton pump inhibitors
- Analgesics in general
- Topical muscular and joint pain remedies
- Dry eye


With EUMARA MC-Monitor‚ on the multi-
channel pulse of time‘ through tracking of
the target groups‘ expectations,
experiences, attitudes and usage
behaviour with reference to the analogous
and digital information and communication

MC-Monitor target groups (excerpt):

- Dermatologists
- Dentists
- General practicioners (GPs)
- Gynaecologists
- Cardiologists
- Neurologists
- Oncologists
- Ophthalmologist
- Orthopaedists
- Pharmacists
- Physicians from mucoviscidosis centres
- Pulmonologists
- Rheumatologists
- Pain therapists
- Urologists



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